"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Sunday, April 22, 2012


We love friends. We love when friends come to visit us. We love hosting friends that come to visit us (hint hint :)). Last weekend we got all three! Some of our dear dear friends from IL came to stay with us for the weekend. Tommy & Natalie Hoerr (and baby) and Jimmy & Abi Huber (and Alex & baby) came to see us. We were looking forward to their visit for so long and we were just longing to reconnect and talk face to face again.

 (All these pictures are courtesy of Abi's camera :))

We had so. much. fun. !! We started the weekend off with a surprise ultrasound for the girls! Since I volunteer at the pregnancy center, I have the amazing privilege to be able to do these ultrasounds. It was so awesome. We got to see both babies and heartbeats (very healthy little ones :)) and print TONS (and I mean TONS) of pictures :). Below you see Tommy & Jimmy as proud daddies and Seth is bringing in cookies so we could get the babies to move a little more on the ultrasound.

That evening we went to Cothams. If you have ever watched Man vs Food, this restaurant was one of those that Adam (the host) visits. It is where we like to take our guests if they want a "true arkansas experience". It's about 40 minutes from our house, in the middle of nowhere, arkansas. It is an old general store that is literally on stilts over a swamp. It looks like it could fall in any day. It is home of the "hubcap" burger (17oz burger). Apparently people drive from all over to eat there and many famous people have been there. I'm guessing it's for the experience and not the fine dinning atmosphere, haha :). Outside they had some goats and chickens that Alex loved watching while we waited for our table.

Above: Jimmy, Abi & Alex- beautiful family!
Below: Jimmy & Alex outside of the restaurant

Below: group picture inside Cothams

Later that night we played Ticket to Ride

One of Seth's "must-take-every-guest-to" spots is the Big Dam Bridge. It's a dam that they built a walking bridge over and is really pretty cool. Group picture on bridge below.

We played Spouseology on the last night and it had some hilarious actions you had to do. Here is tommy having to do 30 sit ups and kiss nat each time :)

Jimmy & Abi doing some dancing :)

We love these dear friends. When we said goodbye to them on monday morning I was crying (big surprise) and said that this goodbye thing just does not get any easier. We had a great weekend. It definitely made me homesick. I told seth that I feel like i'm missing out on everyone's lives and what's happening. I told him that I wanted to jump in the van with them and go back. But after they left I went to my bible study group here and I was reminded of how much we are really liking it here and all the sweet friends we are making and the community we are a part of. I know that this is perfectly where God has us right now, for so so many reasons. But after the weekend a big part of my heart is homesick. I know this is normal. I know this is okay to feel. I know that we are so happy here. But it made me feel good to feel homesick. It felt good to cry about it and not just keep moving on. Because honestly, I do miss so many things.

But that doesn't make here bad or there better.

 It just means that alot of the people I love are a long ways away from me.

I feel like I should try to "wrap it up nicely" but I don't really feel like doing that, because it is what it is and what it is is not bad, it is good, just different and hard sometimes.

all this to say... you're always welcome here if you're passing through arkansas :)!! (in other words: we LOVE visitors :) )