"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Monday, December 29, 2014

What's in a name? Logan Anthony...

Logan Anthony Braker, you have come into our lives with an overwhelmingly sweet and strong presence. Little man, we are taken by you- your coos, your squirms, your sleepy smiles, your unbelievably kissable cheeks. We are challenged by your growth spurts, your gas/pain troubles, your clogged tear duct and honestly just re-adjusting to newborn life.

We call you our little man since you came into the world at a bustling 10lbs 4 oz, though the nurses say you were probably more like 10lbs 6oz before your first bowel movement. You held your head up the moment they placed you on me and looked right at us. You proved to us you were born with strength, which a little warrior needs.

Which leads me to your name. Logan. It means tender warrior. You won’t find meaning in any name book or google search. We picked it just for you.

For pretty much my entire pregnancy we went back and forth on names, liking the meaning of some and the sound of others. We never really could agree or land on one that fit everything we wanted. The meaning of a name is important to us, especially your dad. He wanted a name for his son that had meaning and instilled purpose as you grew up. All along we have been praying a couple things for you- that you would be tender: full of humility and compassion for others- that you would be full of genuine love that can relate and care and listen and help. And also that you would be a warrior: brave, courageous, full of integrity, not afraid to do what is right even when no one is looking. To be a man of God.

Your name was also inspired by my Grandpa Kieser (your grammie's dad), a man who I've never met. His name was Ludwig, but he was mostly called Louie. He left a legacy of faith that was passed down to us and now to you. He was a man that wept when he read the Bible and when he prayed. He had a relationship with Jesus that was real and deep and humble and it defined who he was.

We couldn’t find a name that we both liked and that had the meaning that we wanted. We were given free-ing advice by someone much wiser than us who told us that we can choose the meaning of your name; we aren't bound by some definition made up by someone else. We felt so free after that to choose a name. We wanted a strong and sturdy name and all along we liked Logan but it wasn't until I was about 39 weeks pregnant that we decided on it.

Anthony. Your middle name. Oh sweet boy, as soon as we knew you were a boy we knew your middle name and there was no debate about it. You’re named after your uncle, Anthony “Tony” Weber. A man who loved life more than I’ve ever seen in anyone else. A man who didn’t let fear dictate his life. He took risks and didn’t fear failure. A man who exuded passion. A man who cared and loved so deeply. He is one of my heroes in this life. He only lived 22 years but he lived those 22 years more fully than some people live 100 years. Logy, it gives us such deep joy to name you after such an awesome guy (but as your momma, I’d be okay if you weren’t AS much of a risk taker as your uncle Tony  ;)).

Your sister? Oh my. I NEVER would’ve guessed how she would be completely taken over by you. You are her favorite thing. You are the first thing she says when she wakes up and the constant focus of her attention throughout the day. She is concerned when you don’t have socks or a hat on. She brings you “burp wraps” (as she calls them). She tries to feed you goldfish. She pushes you (rather hard) in your swing. She gets wipes and a diaper when you need changed. She constantly tickles you and imitates adults when they get that baby voice. She says “I get you” as she tickles your toes and tummy. She probably gives you over 100 kisses each day. She is very concerned about you having your passy. If we leave or even speak of leaving the house she instantly says “Baby Logy come”…it’s not a question but rather a demand. She reads to you and lies next to you just to hang out. She has tried nursing her own baby doll just so she can be a mommy too (I figured the day would come). I pray your relationship continues to grow into something strong and close as you brave this world together.

You’re our little man, Logy bear (thanks Uncle Chad, Gracie likes that one a lot), Logy, sweet boy and Logan Berry (a yogurt shop in Little Rock, sorry it just has stuck). These are just a few of the many nicknames you’ll unavoidably be given. Sorry- welcome to our family, we don’t know how not to nickname.

We gratefully and so joyfully welcome you into this world and into our little family, Logy. Each day my heart grows with more love for you. I guess a mommy’s heart doesn’t know boundaries when it comes to loving her children.

Below are some pictures from photoshoots from the first 5 weeks of your life. We have lots of impromptu photoshoots when the sun is shining and you are in a good mood...sorry, you'll have to get used to a camera in your face.

Logan's birth announcement

First Sunday going to church!