"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Saturday, July 21, 2012

trip back to the cornfields (good old Illinois)

I guess I haven't posted anything since our big announcement! Not long after we announced we were having a baby we headed to IL for a couple weeks. Well I headed to IL for a couple weeks, Seth came up for one week. I had all these expectations to do a million things with a million people but good ole' mornin sickness continued with a vengeance and confined me to the couch for much of the first week there...soo plans changed. I guess that is God's way of preparing me that life is about to change and "my agenda" isn't always going to work with a little one :). Regardless of the sickness, it was wonderful! I did get to see alot of people and it was really refreshing to me. We also got some good family time, which was just awesome. I am pretty sure I was spoiled crazy. I didn't cook one meal (not that i'm doing much of that anymore anyways, haha), clean anything, or really do anything that took much effort, haha- my momma spoiled me and I wasn't going to complain because her food is gooood and it's not very often I get her cookin. I am pretty sure her cooking had something do with some pregnancy pounds put on those weeks!

Some of my favorite things from this trip: lunch at Caleri's with Bets, Mom B, & Dayne & Maggy & then just catching up on life. Girls night at Erin's house. Celebrating Rio's 1st birthday with the family & watching him dig in his cake. Taking walks just like old times with Cori on the trail and getting so much quality time with her. Visiting Mart & Cohen with Cori and seeing her new house and her little sweet boy. Having lunch with Abi & catching up. Going to Parade of Homes with my parents and dreaming with them about huge houses. Getting alot of quality time with my parents and little brother, Chad. Watching the news every night at 530 & 600 to see if Chad had done any news reports that day. Lunch with friends. Going shopping with my mom. Taking walks with my parents. Going swimming with Mom B, Bets, and the twins. Breakfast with Ty & Laura. Hanging out at the Thames house. Family dinners. Playing with my niece, Kylie Jo, in her house and swing. Chad's new go-pro camera and the video he made & how it made Jen and I cry (blame in on the pregnancy hormones!). Seeing people at church and catching up. Seeing the fireworks. Game night with Booms & Thornburgs. Lots of quality time with my sis-in-law (sister really) and getting excited for their-any-day-now-baby. Meeting Jeff's new girlfriend. Hanging out with grandpa and laughing with him. Seeing my brother, Jake, be an awesome dad. Visiting with my Aunt & Uncle. Afternoon chat with DZ & MB. Watching our families all interact with eachother and love being together. The guys on both sides doing a triathlon and succeeding! Dinner at Mom & Dad B's with the whole family and playing with the kids. Looking at diaper bags with Jackie and getting her advice. Getting a sweet new Ford Taurus to drive, such a gift, seriously! Seeing corn and cornfields. Eating at one world and avantis (alot).

Here's some of the pictures from the week:
                                 Chasing Kylie Jo around the yard 

                                Uncle Chad & Kylie were buddies 

              Grandma and Grandpa reading goodnight stories to Kylie Jo 

                                       Mom and her girl 

                                          Jay getting Rio reading to dive into his birthday cake 


                                The birthday boy and his parents! Jackie made an awesome cake!

                                              I think he liked it :) 

                               We were able to throw a baby shower for Nat & her baby girl! 

                                 love this picture- it was one of Kylie's favorite things to do and she knew just who to ask 

                                                       Precious! Grandma and Kylie Jo 

                                   I love this- they look like such buddies :) 

                               Jen getting some sewing lessons from mom, now she's a pro :) 

                           Kylie loved Uncle Jeff and loved it when he would play fun songs on his Ipad 

                                          A nice break from the hooooot Illinois summer with Uncle Seth 

             Jen and I are both pregnant. I am about 15 weeks in this picture and she is 8+ months! so fun to be in this together!

                 These guys were nuts, it was over 100 degrees + humidity and they were pulling bushes with super deep roots! 

                                              Kylie getting some bonding time in with Jeff and Lindsey (and elmo)! 

Uncle Seth and the kiddos

                                      Saying goodbye to his truck, we are grateful for 5 wonderful years with it! 

                                                         Sweet Rio buddy 

                                         Maggy showing us her new bike, she's so cute! 

                                                       Can you tell they are brothers :)?                         

                                                         Love this pic with Jake & Bets & the kiddos 

                                                                        Grandma and Rio buddy 

                                                Kylie Jo is lovin the attention from her dad and uncles 

                                                    Love this one!! Uncle Chad and Kylie Jo

Traditional basketball game

We had such a wonderful trip home and soaked up every minute (minus the sick ones, haha). We wish we could've seen more people! The time always flies!  We didn't get a break from the heat- we went from 105 in IL to 105 in AR...I can't wait for some cooler weather!
After some requests, I'll post some belly pictures soon :). We find out in less than 2 weeks if we are having a boy or a girl...so excited!