"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

in the blink of an eye!

I must admit, I've done a horrible job at keeping up with this blog this summer. Honestly, I can hardly believe it's basically September already, summer came and went in a blink of an eye for me. I sometimes wonder if that is what it's like from here? Is this pregnancy going to pass in the blink of an eye? Is our baby girl going to grow in the blink of an eye? I hear if you aren't careful to cherish the moments every day that life passes in the blink of an eye. Oh how I wish there were some moments that I could just make time stand still. You know those good times in your life when things are just good and you don't want to know what change is right around the corner? Those moments on a long lazy weekend that you think  "I feel SO happy right now". I just wish we could stretch out those moments and make that feeling last. This past weekend my parents visited us and it was one of those times. I just wanted to make the time stretch and last. Part of that has to do with the fact that we don't get to spend near as much time with family as we would like and so the times we have are just so special. And partly because they are just so fun to be with. Sometimes I wish I could make my days off stretch and that I could get a million things done or just sit there and be lazy for longer :). I could wish a million things in life, but the truth is we all have 24 hours in a day and we can't magically insert more time. I've been challenged by others and want to challenge myself to cherish the every day moments, the day-to-day normal dinners and activities. The day to day interactions with my husband and the little life growing in my belly. If I don't, they will be gone before I know it. I think God wants us to take notice of the small, normal, ordinary things and praise Him because they are such gifts to us- I think instead of being thankful, I've just come to expect them. I don't want to just expect God's blessings, I want to thank Him.

Okay, so lately has been BUSY. Soon after we returned from IL in July, I headed back in August for one my dearest friend's weddings! It was so fun and I loved being able to celebrate the love that her and Mitch have found. Us bridesmaids would laugh and say that Megan has the best friends because we all got along so well and became instant friends. Megan was absolutely stunning and the love that radiated from her heart was glowing on her face for her groom. It was a gorgeous outdoor wedding on a perfect august evening. I could go on and on, it was so much fun. I even got to wear fake eye-lashes!! Here's some memories from the weekend:
                                                             Bridesmaids- such a fun group of girls!
                                               The bride & groom and their awesome rehersal dinner cake!

                                                            The GORGEOUS bride :)!!

                                                                       A bride and her girls!

                                           She is radiant!!! 

                                             Soon to be Mr. & Mrs!!!!!! 

                  lovin on the baby!! 

                   The guys made quick friends with each other! They were all so much fun! 

We came back and hit the ground running with things to catch up on and prep for future. We are starting to go through Dave Ramsey Cd's and re=figuring our budget with the newest addition :). We have also started the process of researching baby gear and starting a registry- it's so fun and yet so overwhelming at the same time. One thing that keeps me grounded is something that my sister-in-law told me, that we just need to trust God with our baby- that this stuff is all good- but ultimately our trust needs to be in God. It's been a good re-focuser for me. And, thankfully, have a very logically minded husband who brings me back down to earth when I get these crazy "we need this" or "we could do this" ideas.

We've also had a busy couple weeks getting ready for a PATH decorating day that took place this past weekend. This is one of the final steps before it can open. Different bible studies were given the option to adopt a room. My bible study adopted-a-room and we picked the bathroom to decorate. Everyone donated supplies or money and the room came together so great!!  I was so excited that my parents were able to help out because they've heard so much about PATH, it was so neat to include them! We feel so privileged to be a part of this ministry and to watch God at work.
Here's some finished product pics:

                          I sewed something!! For those of you who know me, I've been wanting to sew for a long time! I told Seth i was just going to figure it out and got on good old pinterest and there you have it...SOO easy and so fun! Though I had a minor breakdown in the middle of sewing these when I ran out of thread and didn't know how to re-thread my machine (basic knowledge would be a good idea before starting a project!). It is an older machine, it was my grandma's and the manual did NOT make sense to me. Seth texted me at the exact moment I was ready to throw in the towel and asked how I was doing- I told him terrible because I've been trying to thread this machine for 30 minutes, he came home and fixed it in 5 minutes....sometimes I wish I could think that logically, haha!! 

 Another pinterest inspired idea...google an animal/shape of your choice and print it on the back of scrapbook paper & cut out silhouette and glue on contrasting paper...such a fun idea!

                            My amazing momma worked so hard cleaning that bathroom! My dad was on his hands and knees scrubbing off old paint stains, did I mention I am SO thankful they were there to help me!!

I must say I am SO ready for some fall weather. We've had a couple teaser days that it's been in the 80's, but usually 90's or more lately. I just have the fall itch and am excited for that fresh, crisp air! Blame in on the pregnancy but I couldn't wait to break out the pumpkin recipes, especially since my dad- who loves pumpkin- was here. This weekend I made some pumpkin snicker doodles and some pumpkin donut muffins :)...helped fix that fall need a bit!