"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy 2 years, Logy bear!

Happy 2nd birthday my Logy Bear!! Oh man, I cannot even begin to write how much I love you, my boy. You are SUCH a gift to your momma. I am so much better off for having you in my life. Since you were born we have called you our little joy giver. There is something about you that just knows no boundaries to loving people and getting them to smile. Sometimes it seems like your mission in life is to get people to laugh—not just a small chuckle, but rather a belly laugh. And then you join in encouraging the belly laughing to continue for longer. You bring out the joy in a situation and you help others to find joy when it seems like they are down.

I call you mr. intense sometimes because you love fiercely, you are passionate about what you want and you will make sure your voice is heard above all others ;). When you care about something you care deeply and strongly about it. If you want a certain toy- you WANT that toy. If you want a hug- you hug long, hard and tight (those are my favorite things ever- I call them your intense hugs- never quit hugging your momma).

You LOVE others. You love people with a deep enjoyment. Your big sister is your best friend. You do everything she does. If she gets a snack- you want a snack. If she plays dress up- you play dress up. If she spins in circles- you spin in circles. You have become a protector of your baby sister. It took a little time to get there- but we knew you would. Now you are so gentle with her (well, maybe I should use gently loosely- I think it is your form of gentleness ;)). You are alert to her cries you and always ask where baby Ruby is. Sweet boy- you have a big job being a brother. You are going to be bigger than your older sister and you are older than your younger sister—protect them. This world needs brothers like you- fun, loving, strong, fighters. Fight for your sisters and learn from them. Learn what emotions look like. Learn how to play with baby dolls because maybe one day you’ll be a dad. Learn how a girl should be treated and be that example to others. Your dad is good at this.

You are your grandpa’s boy. Oh.my.goodness. If I have ever seen such a sweet bond it is that between you and your grandpa braker and your grandpa weber. You sing about them when you aren’t with them and you constantly ask me where “bapa” is at. In the grocery store you will at random start screaming on the top of your lungs for your bapa. Who cares about the mother who carried you, birthed you (you 10lb 4 oz tank of a baby, mind you) and kept you alive- go ahead and esteem bapa as your favorite. It’s okay, I actually love it.

You are your daddy’s right hand man. Whenever there is a project going on you’re right there handing him tools and learning from him. You love to rough house with dad and wrestle. You are two peas in a pod and you are good for your papa.

You are a stinker. You KNOW how to press your mama’s buttons already and you make sure multiple times a day you do so. I often say “It’s a good thing you are so cute” because otherwise….boy I don’t know if we’d survive somedays. You give me the “I know this is wrong but I want to make sure you’re watching” look and then you proceed against all wisdom and direction to do whatever it is you think is a hilarious idea. A lot of times you learn the hard way. I pray for your protection A LOT. A LOT. You remind me of your Uncle Tony and his sense of adventure and love for life. SO that makes me pray even harder sweet boy of mine.

Logan Anthony, you are my sweet, tender, fierce, tough little boy. I can’t imagine life with you. You made a grand entrance into this world and since that day two years ago you continue to help me grow and learn and see the world through new eyes. I never knew I could love tractors and trucks so much. I never knew the perseverance you’d instill in me, already. You have taught me a new kind of love. I am not the same person because of you. Hear my heart, Logy boy- you are such a deep, sweet, incredible blessing to your momma. I will always always always love you and be cheering for you and believing in you. I’m so proud of you already. Now tackle this world, my boy, with a firm trust and resolve in Jesus, with a heart that is so for others and love them deeply and be unwavering in what is right in the eyes of God, not man.

I love you my logy boy with all my heart!