"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Christmas

I know it's the end of January and Christmas is gone and past, but I am still wanting to post some pictures of our trip to Illinois. Partly for my own memory recall as years later I browse old blog posts, and partly for anyone else who enjoys pictures & blog reading. We had an awesome time in Illinois with both families and some dear friends. It was difficult to leave them all but we were also excited to get "home" and slow down life a bit (hasn't quite happened yet :)). Here are some of my favorites from our trip (mind you I took hundreds and would probably have you lulled to sleep if I included them all!):

This is what Seth had been working on for our neice, Kylie Jo. It's a safe/bank, but until she gets old enough to use it as that he made it useable to play with. I think it's aaaamazing.

                                                                         Back View

                                                           Grandpa reading Kylie a book

                                                                     Kylie loved Chad's guitar

The Weber's

                                                              Uncle Sethy & Kylie Jo

                                                                   Weber Family Picture

This lightbrite is precious to us. The design on it was done by Tony & Chad & we haven't ever changed it.

                                                                Love this guy & his shirt

                                                                I think they liked it :)

                                                               Uncle Sethy & Dayners

                                                  Rio thinking he's not too sure about this uncle seth guy

                                                            Maggy got a dress up outfit & loved it!!

                                              Grandma reading to the kiddos...I think dayne wants to see ;)

                                                                      Jake and Dayne

                                                       Kylie Jo helping us make chocolate chip cookies

haha, this makes me laugh everytime I see it..

                                            Four Generation picture! (Grandpa Weber, Dad, Jake, Kylie Jo)

Weber Family with Grandpa

      Picture #1: notice Kylie Jo drinking from cup     #2: notice grandpa drinking from cup :)

The Weber/Knapp grandkids with Grandpa Weber

The boys played lots of basketball this week....

Love it!

Some Grandma & Grandpa time with Kylie Jo

Celebrating Dayne & Maggy's 3rd Birthday party:

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. We feel super blessed and think we have the most awesome family & friends :).

Friday, January 13, 2012

stop & listen.

Do you ever have one of those moments where God just stops you in the middle of your thinking and says, "Ang (or insert your name here) will you stop...and just listen to me"? Today I was doing one of my favorite things- taking a walk on a bright blue sky day & listening to my music. For me, it is a time where I can think, process, wonder, question, feel, figure out and just be. Sometimes my mind is too loud for me to actually hear what I'm listening to. Today was one of those times...too busy figuring out mine & the world's problems to hear. All of a sudden it felt like someone turned off my thoughts & turned on the speakers in my ears to hear this song that was playing....called- After All [Holy] by David Crowder Band..it's a song on their newest & last CD. (see link & lyrics below). It's truly a worship song. It will just make you want to stop what you're doing, throw up your arms in the air & simply & gloriously worship. As I was listening to it, God said to me "Ang, though I care SO MUCH about everything you're trying to figure out & think about....do you think any of it is going to matter a single ounce when you are standing around my throne in heaven with all the angelic creatures and the millions of others singing "Holy, Holy, Holy!"??? Whammmm....talk about a new perspective. It was so sweet & so good. I love moments with God like that, when through His love for me- He invites me to see things in a different light, a light that sees beyond the temporary & into the eternal.

After All [Holy]- David Crowder Band- Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Verse 1
I can't comprehend
Your infinitely beautiful
and perfect love
Oh, I've dreamed dreams
of majesty as brilliant as
a billion stars

Pre-Chorus 1
But they're never bright enough
After all

You are holy
Oh holy
Holy, holy, holy

Verse 2
I will sing a song
for You my God
with everything I have in me

Pre-Chorus 2
But it's never loud enough
After all


Heaven and earth are full
Full of Your glory, Your glory
My soul it overflows
Full of Your glory, Your glory
Oh, blessed is He who reigns
Full of Your glory, Your glory
My cup it can't contain
All of Your glory, Your glory
Hosanna, we are found
After all You are


I can't comprehend
Your infinitely beautiful

On another note, I have a million and ten other things I want to blog about but i'll get to them, eventually, haha...maybe! I'll post some Christmas pictures from our trip soon!!