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Monday, November 23, 2015

{a mom's letter} happy birthday logy bear (and some party pictures).

Logan Anthony,

You’re one today. I am having a hard time even typing that as I am in shock that your first year of life flew by so quickly. My heart swells with overwhelming love and thankfulness for you baby boy. Daddy and I have continually been blown away by the joy that has come with being your parents. We call you our little joy giver.

A year ago today you came into this world with a rather mammoth entrance at a whopping 10lbs 4oz (though the doctors still think you were 10lbs 6 oz, actually). That, paired with the fact that you were 10 DAYS OVERDUE, should have clued me into your warrior spirit and your persistent personality. But oh baby boy, when they held you up for me to catch my first look at you, I was in love. Instantly I had a son. You were my boy and that whole mommy/little boy connection thing totally happened. You know, you just know how to melt me with your little flirty smile. That whole “you had me at hello”…yeah… I was taken by your sweetness and the little tender warrior heart I already saw that day you were born.

Logy bear, you’ve stolen lots of hearts along the way with that smile of yours and your infectious laugh. I think mine most of all, though. Daddy laughs at me because he knows that you have me tied around your finger.

We have a million nicknames for you, affectionately:  logy bear, little tiger, Logy Tony, butter ball, brother bear, Log’s, as grammie calls you- her hunky boy…rarely do you actually get called Logan… welcome to our family- where we don’t ever use your real name.

You’ve built our family to something that I would never have imagined it could be. Already you’ve blessed me with sweeter joy and you’ve challenged me in many ways—good ways, ways that I need to be pushed in growth- and if you’re anything like your namesake (your uncle Tony)- that whole pushing your momma to grow thing will only continue.

Speaking of your Uncle Tony. I just told Grammie the other day that you are beginning to remind me so much of that guy. I had thought for a while that you would be my laid back, easy going, obedient kid (right…) but lately you’ve been proving that thought wrong. Lately you’ve been getting a kick out of doing something- that you know is obviously wrong because not only have we told you several times but we’ve also tried as much discipline techniques as a one year old can receive on said issue- and even though you have tears streaming down your face from the consequences of your action that we are trying to get you to stop doing, you still look at us (in fact, you make sure we are looking at you by obnoxiously yelling) and laugh and do it again. When I told Grammie this and she laughed that knowing laugh because Uncle Tony was much the same….oh my momma heart.

I love watching you and learning who you keep developing and growing into. We named you Logan Anthony with the meaning Tender Warrior. And it amazes me how that is so reflective in who you are. You’re built like a warrior (remember the whole 10lbs 4oz birth weight…yeah I did not forget that) and thankfully so you’ve kept up with that because your sister loves to pull you around, sit on you and try to lift you when I am not watching (sorry.). But you’re such a tender heart, too. You love people and are happiest when you’re with people (especially your sister), making them laugh and smiling at them. You are so forgiving and I am so grateful for that. You LOVE to snuggle when you wake up…favorite thing ever. You love to watch your sister doing silly things and you just sit there and laugh- the way you eg each other on is too fun sometimes. You guys are the best of buddies- your faces light up with you get to see each other in the morning and already you’ve got that sibling connection going on.

You spread joy by being who you are, and it is truly the deepest delight to be your parents. We are so proud of you and so so thankful for you. We are celebrating the gift that God gave us in you and who He keeps making you to be. I pray that you will grow to be a man of integrity- that you always do the right thing for the right reason, no matter who is watching or what they think. I pray that you will do everything in love- seeing others with the true heart of Jesus and sharing His compassion and Truth. I pray you will be brave and courageous and unwavering in your faith. Especially in this world that you will be growing up in, we are going to need men who battle with courage and stand up for what is right.

But for now, for today, just be my one year old little baby. All too soon you’ll be grown up. And I am not ready to think about that yet because right now I can’t believe you’re already one year old. I love you deeper than words can say and I am so for you.
Happiest birthday to my Logy bear.
Your Momma

We had your birthday party this weekend. I decided that I wanted to do a lumberjack theme for you and had way too much fun looking for party ideas online. You are so much fun to celebrate buddy!

This was your invite :)

I asked daddy if he could build me a log cabin out of cardboard boxes and we put our minds together and came up with this log cabin. It has been a hit with you and your sister.

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Oh brother I couldn't help it. I found this lumberjack beard on amazon and without thinking twice I ordered it. I mean come on.

this is your happy place- with both of your grandpas. You are such a grandpa boy. 

My guys.

attempting to "open" gifts...you didn't really like that we kept making you open more gifts instead of letting you play with the ones you already opened. 

You lit up when you opened this. It didn't take you but a few seconds and you knew what to do. Such a boy.

Since we call you our logy bear I attempted to make you a bear cake...let's just say I don't work for hire on cake decorating.

we got you all ready to smash that cake.....

let's just say that you weren't a fan of being stripped down, every watching you and me trying to stick your hand in your cake. Hey it's your party- noone said you have to eat your cake.

Happy birthday buddy, we love you so much!

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