"For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace"

Monday, August 1, 2016

maternity shoot (3rd kid)

First off, i'm realizing how dated this blog looks. It's in need of an update majorly. I probably won't get to updating it soon, honestly, but know I notice.

Okay, if i'm honest I have been dreading doing this maternity shoot. First off, I feel huge. Secondly, it takes a lot of effort and I'm tired these days. Thirdly, I would much rather be the photo taker than the subject. But we put it on our "things that we would like to get done before baby comes" list. My husband kindly agreed to making this happen and being my photographer. The guy can remodel a house and take pictures- he's got skill.

My main push to do these pictures is to capture this time, this season, this gift. I don't take lightly or for granted the gift this little girl growing inside of me is and it is important to me to honor that gift. Photos are, for me, a huge way of honoring something. They elicit a lot of memory and emotion for me as I look back on them years later. Everyone has their thing and photos are one of mine.

We put this in our calendar to do a few weeks ago but had to keep rescheduling it due to all kinds of reasons. A lot of the time- because I was too tired or unmotivated.

This Sunday marked 36 weeks for me so something inside said "it's now or never". So I pinned a few inspirational pictures, told Seth the game plan, prepared for a few meltdowns and we attempted it. I told him my goal is a few good pictures to capture this time and if we didn't get them then we could just snap something later when we were all in our everyday clothes or maybe it just isn't realistic. I've learned over time with kids to set my expectations very low so anything is a success ;).

It went like this: Logy wakes up from nap with runny nose and not super happy and Gracie was being bribed to be in a good mood. And we went for it. What you don't see in these pictures is poor logy having a few meltdowns and Gracie dancing around and trying her best to comfort her little brother. I had to crop out little blondie's head in a few pictures because the poor boy just wanted his mama to hold him. Mean old mom.

I'm hugely surprised at the results and give huge kudos to Seth for his budding photography skills. And to my kids for hanging in there and trying to help their momma out by appeasing her crazy love for pictures all the time.


  1. great pics! love the blog! :) love you guys! -lauren